My Nature

I am an ocean of secrets That people judge by the flow if its waves But they can't touch it They can't touch it and know the weights it carries They can't swim in it and know how deep it is But standing on the shore staring at it Sometimes throwing stones inside its heart … Continue reading My Nature


The sweetest mistake!!!

I think i am growing up, for now i can see what i couldn't see before. I think i am learning a lot, for the world is feeding my brain, soul and heart, and i am discovering the whys ang hows i've been asking myself. But after all, i didn't know that growing up was … Continue reading The sweetest mistake!!!

Give up on you

If loving you is wrong, slap me Get mad at me, avoid me Tell me that i'm the terrible thing that ever appeared in your sight May be it will boost my anger Perhaps i'll regret for falling for you Then hate will create itself into me And i'll give up on you.